Website and branding

Aura is a brand and website all about the healing purposes of essential oils, herbs, and gemstones, typically used in the Wiccan culture. The website includes pages with information on objects geared towards healing certain conditions, as well as a section where user can find exactly what to use to treat their ailments as well as a shop that has fully-branded merchandise and boxes off materials that can be used for specific treatments.

The AURA brand offers 6 different specialized packages that are meant to help treat certain conditions: headaches, anxiety and depression, focus, stress relief, colds/flu, and body detoxification. Each box has its own color scheme and comes with an essential oil, herb, crystal, and either a bath salt or room spray, as well as an AURA bag of the matching color scheme.

Art Directed by: Scott Laserow
Photographed by: Lucy Weigard